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Project Description- 


‘Sleep is God. Go Worship!’ - Jim Butcher


Poor sleep hygiene can lead to serious consequences if a person maintains it. For instance, a lack of sleep can cause

a weak immune system, memory loss, a poor focus that can cause accidents, high risks of heart strokes and so on.


This project is an app that tracks your focus based on your inner clock,  called Circadian Rhythm.

Is useful for a better quality of sleep.


The app suggests a couple of useful links for you to research and understand more about the beauty of sleep. 


Although this app can be used for different age group, it was created in mind for young adults with ages between 20 

and 30 that need 7-8 hours of sleep per night.


From this age is vital to keep healthy sleep hygiene in order to not develop sleep disorders such as insomnia,

later as we grow old.

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